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In December 2007 I started this blog. A “personal weblog”, my online diary. Inspired by a certain eastern philosophy, called the Advaita Vedanta, I felt the urge to write. Writing helps me to organize my thoughts, it felt good and over the years I found out, that it pleased some people. Mostly myself, to be honest. The number of visitors kept growing and this blog also became a sponsor for a few charities. I have had no commercial goals with it.

imageLooking at the statistics I noticed that in the last few years the number of foreign visitors to the weblog has been increasing. Maybe they come to look at some pictures, or to listen to some music. Anyhow, I thought it would be nice to write this special page in English just to explain to all you people from abroad, what this blog is all about.
It’s about inspiration, learning, fighting, admiring … in short: it’s about enjoying life.
Philosophy and mental health are topics that interest me. Philosophy helped me to become a more relaxed person, to “find myself”. Sometimes I also write about regional issues. After all, every man needs just a place where he can talk about his ideals. To me, starting a weblog seemed to make more sense than going to the local pub.

Maybe, if I enjoy it, I will write more blogposts in English. After all, we Dutch people may think that we are not small minded, but we do have a very small country. So, to be continued.

(Blogposts in English can be found in the category English Blogpost’s on the left side.)

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